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Documents & Resources

Portfolio Questions/Outline

Bridge Project

PPT Presentations

History of engineering

What is Engineering?

Engineering Disciplines


Brainstorming Ideas- How to begin

Concurrent Engineering & Team work

Design and Problem Solving

Engineering Ethics


Technical Writing

How Engineers can improve Technical writing

Technical Writing- For writing instructions for peers to follow

Sketching and Drafting Resources

Engineering Graphics

Design Handbook: Engineering Drawing and Sketching

Engineering Standards Manual

Tools- How to use

Group work and Report Planning


Using a Micrometer

Vernier Caliper-

Full Circle- Protractor

How to avoid problems with a protractor

Using a Protractor

Use a Multimeter

Current Projects

Evaluate & choose properties


Styrofoam Speakers


Styrofoam Speakers

Make after-school speakers


Radiocontrolled hovercraft

Styrofoam plate hovercraft

15 Minute hovercraft,-Self-propelled-hovercraft/

Foam-tray hovercraft- SciCast

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Engineering Bridge Design

Mini Industry Design Challenge

Rube Goldberg

Styrofoam plate hovercraft video

Honda Video- Honda; the power of dreams

-Museum Hydraulics -

Video- Honda Kick out the ladder
Jay Leno’s Garage 3d Printer

Engineering Disciplines

Careers in Engineering
Types of Engineering
Engineering- Educational Portal
Types of Engireers
Carnagie Mellon Engineering
Engineering & Manufacturing PPT
Quizlet- flashcards: Introduction to Engineering
Cypress Bay Engineering notes
Project Lead the Way PDF
iTunes- Introduction to Engineering
E-10 Introduction to Engineering ** San Jose University

Engineering PPTs