Biology 2014-15

Riverton High School

V. Hassell

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Online Book

Test link for Standardized and Chapter test for bonus-



Ch 4 & 5 notes- Population & Conservation

Ch 3.1- Limiting Factors & Succession


Week 6 (9/29)

M- Review water & carbon cycles-
Notes ch 2
Exit ticket- what do you still have problems with or Summarize
T- Nitrogen Cycle & Phosphorus cycle-
W- Worksheets on cycles and vocabulary
T- Game Review
F- Test

Week 5 ( 9/22)
M- food chain notes & lab
T- Food web notes/ Lab
W- water cycle
T- carbon cycle
F- Finish potato lab

Week 4- (9/15)

M - BOE Quiz ch 1
T - ACT pre-test/Intro ecologymake food chains w/blocks
W - Intro terms/ food chains
Th - Food webs & pyramids (worksheet)
F - Cycles of life; carbon, water, nitrogen & phosphorus

week 3 (9/8)
M- Finish notes
T- Game Review

W- Test
Th- Intro Ecology
F- Food chain/web - lab w/blocks

Week 2-
T- Finish Oreo Lab set up & notes
W- Oreo Lab
Th- Notes Ch 1
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F- Quiz Ch 1 : Unit Test


Week 2

Week 1


order of lessons

Subject to change as needed. The project/worksheets/videos at the end will be implemented when needed and the schedule will be moved/adjusted based on that.

Finish Terrestrial Biomes

3 GAME review for testTeachers files
Hand out ppt with the 15 slides.. Have students copy/SUMMARIZE the slides. Instead of having questions/answers , they are just the main points. THEY CAN SUMMARIZE THEM.
A, B, C answers get no credit.

Test Ch 3..- Teachers files

Pass out test and answer sheet. Take up as completed. Students may work on definitions ch 3 pg 87 for bonus- if they have not completed it yet

Lab- Counting fish; How are populations estimated?

Pass out S. G.
Students will work in groups using all their materials to answer them. When they have completed them, they may come and check their answers.

Everglades W.s
  • Students will complete the Everglades w.s. in groups indicated- in class room area
  • Allow 1 – 2 periods (as needed)
  • If they work and need the time- 2 days, if not- only 1 day
Hand out additional copies of the answer sheet.
Give the correct answers.
Have students go over each question on their own papers, within their group. Attach a separate paper with their corrections, and an explanation of why they missed the question & they will get full credit, if turned in on time.- tomorrow at beginning of class

Unit 2 Pretest
Pass out; Work alone; what is not finished is homework

Go over answers to pretest, Give 5 minutes to answer sheet, then go over the answsers.

Game REVIEW ch 2 & 3

Unit test 2; Ch 2 – 3...Teachers files

Remind- tomorrow will be an assessment similar to Everglades. Go over what they missed on the Everglades poser.

Grand Teton assessment...Teachers files

- Split class into 2 parts. This must be done as individuals and completed within the period. NO GROUPWORK
- Hand out worksheets-. Chad Fallin has the posters for this project.
Students work on the assessment will stay in the front. The others will go to the back.

- . Have students not doing the assessment (group 2) complete the worksheets for ch 4 & 5- Hand out the 4 question quiz when completed, which they CAN use the worksheet they just finished to answer it.

Complete Teton Assessment with 2nd group.
This must be done as individuals and completed within the period.
Repeat previous day's work.

Worksheets- population & conservation9 4 pgs- runoff
  • Already run off- in sink
  • Give students approximately 8 minutes to answer pg 1, then go down rows with the students answering them, correcting them as necessary.
  • Go to next page and repeat with kids answering them. They will be taken on test day
Should finish this in 1 period, but may require part of day 2


Ch 6 The Cell Reading Essentials
Hand out study guide/I can list-

August 2014

Week 1
Class Rules
Safety symbols and Contract
Set up lab/ Hypothesis/theory/law
Safety Test- Friday